Queen's Infantry Brigade, 44. Nor did they find men clamoring for aid or comfort from the victors. Their exhausted soldiers possessed minimal ammunition and supplies. At El-Alamein, throughout several engagements, the paratroopers were either able to resist the attacks made upon them or, when the Allied forces had been successful in completely wiping out the first line of Folgore outposts, to reform again, usually counterattacking. Egitto, 23 ottobre - 5 novembre 1942. Repeatedly the soldiers of the Folgore refused the offer,. The attackers sustained heavy losses to their exposed armor as Montgomery expertly parried Rommel’s overly aggressive nature. The strength of the book is the personal accounts, the discussion of the training, and the quoting of doctrinal manuals. The Folgore also sustained a high number of losses after the first night of fighting, particularly the 8th Battalion. It’s deployment situated between Haret-el-Himeimat and Deir-el-Munassib. Visitors can also go to the Italian and German military cemeteries on Tel el-Eisa Hill outside the town. The British could not break through as planned. 185th Paratroopers Division Folgore or 185ª Divisione Paracadutisti Folgore was a Parachute Division of the Italian Army (in Italian Regio Esercito) during World War II. They joined the newly formed 285th Parachutist Battalion Folgore and continued the struggle for their beloved Italy. 20th Supply section 1 National (i.e. Rommel’s extensive use of mines in both number and depth at the Second Battle of Alamein earned these lethal patches of the earth the nickname of “the Devil’s Garden” by the advancing British forces. With a limited number of guns at their disposal to stop modern tanks, the Italians employed a “Cul de Sac” maneuver. In the OOB, those numbers have been “translated” in standard Arabic numerals to avoid confusion. Related Posts : army , division, folgore, italian, paratrooper, ramcke By Paulo Henriques em 10:34 PM. Montgomery’s new plan shunned past British doctrine of sending it’s armor out to engage Axis tanks ‘in the open.’ Instead, the valuable tanks were to stay ‘protected’ in the distance and fulfill an ‘anti-tank’ role. Italian) Paratroopers Battalion: 300 troops, 4 Companies. accogli gli spiriti di questi ragazzi in quell’angolo di cielo [4] The Division held back countless attacks from tanks with use of homemade incendiary's to usage of hand grenades and firing of the M28 grenade launchers at tanks. I also wish to tell you that, during my long life as a soldier, I’ve never met such valiant men as the Folgore’s paratroopers. The division was sent to Africa and fought in the Battle of El Alamein with the following structure:[16]. The Italian artillery battalions were named “Gruppo” (Group). 12th Parachutists Rifle Company, 9th Parachutist Infantry Battalion, with: Parachute Division Folgore). HQ Battery The initial British thrust failed with hundreds of soldiers suffering heavy casualties, including those from the Royal West Kents, Greys, and the Buffs. The fighting during First El Alamein petered out less than two months earlier, ending in what many consider a stalemate between the opposing sides. La Battaglia di El Alamein (196.9) The Battle of El Alamein part 1/2. [2], After quarrels,[2] in 1937 paratroopers schools were assigned by law to the Regia Aeronautica. Historians differ on the merit of this decision. It had been formed for the invasion of Malta, which never took place; so it was sent to Africa. The 186th Paratroopers Regiment "Folgore" (Italian: 186° Reggimento Paracadutisti "Folgore") is an active unit of the Italian Army based in Siena in Tuscany.The regiment is part of the army's infantry corps' Paracadutisti speciality and operationally assigned to the Paratroopers Brigade "Folgore". In the summer of 1942, during the Second World War, a group of young paratroopers from the Folgore Division, after having been subjected to a long and tiring training in Italy, was transported by air to the Libyan desert to cover the Italian-German front. The defender’s expert use of their anti-tank guns helped in part to once again halt the Allied advance. Directed by Guido Malatesta. El Alamein - 23/ottobre/1942. Soon this reputation would be put to the test, as Montgomery’s southpaw hook delivered during the opening phase of Second Alamein headed towards the 14k stretch of line manned by the Folgore. On Amazon: Pendulum of War: Three Battles at El Alamein 3rd Battalion/1st “Celere” Artillery Regiment (75/27 mod.06 – from the “Brescia” Division) Under the command of General Enrico Frattini, the division was doing its best to rest and reorganize after their victorious but grueling battles against the Allied forces the previous month. 139 reviews #1 of 3 Sights & Landmarks in El Alamein "The cemetary is quite well kept, even though its in the middle of sandy desert, with a bit of greenery in between the graves." The Axis initiative in the North African campaign was lost, as was any chance they had to achieve ultimate victory in the desert. MccloudUstp2485. This is an incredible amount when one compares the mismatch in firepower employed. Thanks to the tip from Manteuffel: "The heroic behavior of the Folgore Division during the Second battle of El Alamein in resisting the attacks of six British divisions (two armored and four infantry) inspired the respect and admiration of its enemy. 20th Logistical section The attack never happened. The Folgore never needed to call upon them during the entire battle as they had proved more than a match against the Allied units. [3] School personnel was drawn from the Air force, while personnel to instruct consisted of Royal Italian Army officers and sub-officers. Gamesquad. But they held the line. 47:37. During the latter division put up a fierce defense against attacking Commonwealth forces, managing to drive repeated attacks conducted by tanks and infantry. On the 26th, the British attempted to concentrate their attack on the southern portion of the Italian line. History. By late October of ’42, the Folgore now found itself dug along a stretch of the southern portion of the Axis line. The Desert Fox was defeated. It was designed to break through the Italian-held southern sector of the El Alamein line, where the Bologna, Brescia, Pavia and Folgore Divisions anchored the Axis right flank. While on the defensive, it was assaulted by the British 131. “La battaglia di El Alamein” is a 1969 Franco-Italian movie about one of the most famous and pivotal battles of the Second World War with an emphasis on the heroic stand of the Italian Folgore airborne division. Upon finding General Frattini amongst the captured Folgore, he saluted and expressed the highest of praise for the Folgore’s gallantry in combat. The few survivors, who managed to withdraw, were reorganized into the 285th Formation Battalion and fought in Tunisia, where they surrendered to the Allies in 1943.[10][11][13]. [2], The 2-months[2] Instructors course began in March 1940. Comando Supremo is an Amazon Associate and earns from qualifying purchases. 19 talking about this. Italian War Memorial Inscription at El Alamein. 26th Parachutists Rifle Company Rommel at first agreed, but after Clifton attempted an escape during a German interrogation, Rommel changed his mind, and the General transferred to Italy for internment. When the operation was finally canceled in April of 1941, the division was sent to North Africa to fight in the desert. Italian WWII Airborne Units by Vince Tassone, March 2005 Passerby, stop and revere. In the early morning darkness of 2 November 1942, the next phase of Montgomery’s plan, Operation Supercharge, began. Their belief that the limited handling capacity of Axis controlled ports and the limited supply trucks available were not enough to sustain operations so far from logistic supply heads. Therefore, the battalions in the Paratroopers Brigade "Folgore" were given the names of the regiments of the former 185th Paratroopers Division "Folgore". Magg. In 1938 Marshal of the Air Force Italo Balbo established the Camp-School for Paratrooper of the Libyan Troops under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Goffredo Tonini and stationed at the airport of Castel Benito near Tripoli. However in the course of the battle the division was annihilated and declared lost on 23 November 1942. [12] On 6 November, after having exhausted all its ammunition, the remainder of the Division surrendered. The focus then shifts upon the Folgore's major engagement of the campaign during the Battle of El Alamein: 'Operation Lightfoot', which was launched by General Montgomery on 24 October 1942. The 88s (and the similar 90/53) did not belong to any specific group but used as mobile assets dispersed to the various groups during different phases of the battle. At El Alamein, it helped anchor the southern end of the line and was hit hard by the 7th Armored Division and two infantry divisions. CAPAR - caserma "Gamerra" di Pisa, sede del Centro Addestramento Paracadutismo, la tradizionale cerimonia di consegna del brevetto di paracadutismo a 100 allievi del 55° corso di formazione ed addestramento basico per aviotruppe. More of this material would be welcome. On the same date the Paratroopers Division Artillery Regiment was activated. Colonel Camosso ordered his surrounded soldiers to destroy their weapons before the surrender. The divisional artillery disbanded the 2nd Battalion and split among the Tactical Groups, together with the other divisional assets. The leaders of the last functioning group of combatants, Colonel Camosso and Major Zanninovich, decided to lay down their arms. essi additano agli italiani, nella buona e nell’avversa fortuna, Image: Noclador, CC 3.0. The British attack began with an artillery barrage, followed by … 18th Parachutists Rifle Company, 7th Parachutist Infantry Battalion, with: HMSO 1966], The Mediterranean and Middle East, Volume IV: The Destruction of the Axis Forces in Africa. He hoped this philosophy would inflict severe damage to the advancing Axis forces while sparing his armor from the expected pounding in tank versus tank combat – an arena in which the Germans held the advantage. Italian and German engineers in the area worked diligently to strengthen the existing minefield created by the British but was now in Axis hands, to provide a daunting defensive obstacle in front of their positions. Estimates range from 60 to 120 vehicles destroyed or immobilized during the engagement. They immediately took him and several of his aides captive at gunpoint. They often answered the request with gunfire directed at the British or solely with shouts of “Folgore.”. At the onset of the Axis attack, the Deutsch-Italienische Panzerarmee forces had indeed played into Montgomery’s hand during their attempted flanking maneuver to the south. 61° Fanteria Presidio di Tobruk … The focus then shifts upon the Folgore’s major engagement of the campaign during the Battle of El Alamein: 'Operation Lightfoot', which was launched by General Montgomery on 24 October 1942. Special thanks to Arturo Filippo Lorioli for providing both historical information and content, not to mention the finely constructed OOB. The Folgore Division [paratroopers] at the Second Battle of El Alamein. 1st Battalion/21th Artillery Regiment “Po” (100/17 mod.16 – from the “Trieste” Division) 23rd “ Guastatori” Parachutist Company One must pass through the arched entrance to enter the grounds of the memorial. 24th “ Guastatori” Parachutist Company, 186th Parachutist Infantry Regiment, with: It was during the Second Battle of El-Alamein that the Folgore would earn their fame. The Allies surrounded or smashed some of the forward Italian positions at the onset of their attack, but stifled as they approached the Italian defense’s main line. By the eve of Second El Alamein, Rommel had already shot his bolt over the previous months of battle, and his materiel and fuel-starved army had gone as far as they would, or realistically could, in the Desert War. USC Title 17. The battlefield that stretched in front of the Folgore’s position lay littered with the broken remains of British tanks and vehicles. Brigata Folgore a El Alamein. 5th Parachutists Rifle Company The British suffered the loss of over 1,100 men, including hundreds forced to surrender to avoid annihilation. The Macchi MC.202 Folgore or "Thunder bolt" was a single seat fighter that was used by Italy during World War II. Having been driven east by Axis forces in 1942, the British had established a strong defensive line at El Alamein, Egypt. The time spent and the invaluable contributions are much appreciated. To overcome the lack of field artillery (the divisional artillery regiment had only 47L32 AT/IG), the “Folgore” Tactical Artillery Group under Colonel Boffa, formed with the following units : 2nd Battalion/26th Artillery Regiment “Rubicone” (75/27 mod.06 – from the “Pavia” Division) 10th Parachutists Rifle Company The German cemetery is an ossuary, built in the style of a medieval fortress. da Campo 25/05/1944 ANDREATTA IVO Cap. 25th Parachutists Rifle Company Section 107 specifies usage of copyright material falls under Fair Use when it is applied for criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching and research. Many military historians consider the Battle of El Alamein as one of World War Two’s critical turning points. School Command (the Commander was a senior officer of the Air force, the Deputy Commander a senior officer of the Army); 1st Paratroopers Infantry Regiment (raised 1 April 1941), 2nd Paratroopers Infantry Regiment (raised 1 September 1941), VIII Paratroopers Battalion (re-roled as Paratroopers Sapper unit in May 1942), Division Headquarters and Headquarters Company, II Paratroopers Battalion (from 185th Infantry Regiment "Nembo"), IV Paratroopers Battalion (from 185th Infantry Regiment "Nembo"), I Paratroopers Artillery Group (3x batteries with, III Paratroopers Artillery Group (3x batteries with 47/32 cannons), 7th Paratroopers Artillery Battery (47/32 cannons), 20th Mortar Company (81mm Model 35 mortars and M28 Mortars), 185th Mining and Explosives Engineers Company, Corporal Major Antonio ANDRIOLO, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, October 23 – November 4, 1942, First Lieutenant Roberto BANDINI, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, October 23–25, 1942, First Lieutenant Ferruccio BRANDI, 187th Paratroopers Regiment, October 24, 1942, Second Lieutenant Pietro BRUNO 132d Transport Regiment, Private Giuseppe CAPPELLETTO, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, October 23–25, 1942, Private Giacomo CESARONI, 187th Paratroopers Regiment, October 29, 1942, Private Leandro FRANCHI, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, November 1942, Second Lieutenant Giovanni GAMBAUDO, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, October 23–24, 1942, First Lieutenant Marco GOLA, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, October 23–24, 1942, Private Gerardo LUSTRISSIMI, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, October 23–25, 1942, Sergeant Major Dario PIRLONE, 185th Artillery Regiment, October 24, 1942, Sergeant Nicola PISTILLO, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, October 23–25, 1942, Corporal Major Dario PONZECCHI, 185th Paratroopers Regiment, October 26, 1942, Captain Costantino RUSPOLI, Prince of Poggio Suasa, 187th Paratroopers Regiment, October 26–27, 1942, Captain Gastone SIMONI, 187th Paratroopers Regiment, October 23–27, 1942, Sergeant Major Mario GIARETTO, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, August 8, 1942, Second Lieutenant Omero LUCCHI, Folgore Division Artillery, August 31 – September 4, 1942, Sapper Clinio MISSERVILLE, 185th Assault Sapper Company, September 10, 1942, Major Aurelio ROSSI, 187th Paratroopers Regiment, August 20 – September 3, 1942, Captain Fabio RUGIADI, 187th Paratroopers Regiment, August 30, 1942, Lieutenant Colonel Carlo Marescotti RUSPOLI, Prince of Poggio Suasa, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, First Lieutenant Giovanni STARACE, Folgore Division, July - November, 1942, Second Lieutenant Giovanni STASSI, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, August 25 – September 2, 1942, This page was last edited on 2 January 2021, at 08:09. HQ Company HQ Battery Additionally a seventh battery was formed with surplus materiel found by the division during its transfer to the front. Deployment of Forces on October 23rd, 1942 during the Second Battle of El Alamein. 20th Mortars Company (81mm mod.35) This challenge was an almost insurmountable obstacle for practically all Italian infantry units during the retreat at Second El Alamein. During his subsequent interrogation by Rommel, General Clifton requested confinement at a German POW camp instead of an Italian one. The goal of operation Brandung was for the forces of the Italian-German Panzerarmee Afrika to outflank and then engage the British 8th Army, now under the commanded of General Bernard Montgomery. As the Folgore fell back from their lines, they pulled their artillery by hand through the sand. However, all that was achieved at a high casualty rate was a small salient, which was soon recaptured. My Father served in the Pacific with 710 Tank BTL at Anguar, Peleliu, and the Philippines. The 185th Artillery, 186th Paratroopers and 187th Paratroopers regiments received a second Gold Medal for specific actions during the Second Battle of El Alamein. The Second Battle of El Alamein was fought from October 23, 1942 to November 5, 1942 during World War II (1939-1945) and was the turning point of the campaign in the Western Desert. The Folgore used everything at their disposal including letting the Allied soldiers advance into a "cul-de-sac" and then launching a counterattack from all sides. The main Allied effort during the battle was in the northern part of the Axis line. 27th Parachutists Rifle Company, 10th Parachutist Infantry Battalion, with: 11th Parachutists Rifle Company Upon making contact with the Italians, the British were impressed with what they saw. To aid in the raising of the 183rd Infantry Regiment "Nembo" the 185th ceded its X Paratroopers Battalion to the 183rd and raised the XI Paratroopers Battalion in its stead.

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